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PHP Development

Within a few years PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor has become one of the most used general-purpose scripting languages. It can help in the production or creation of dynamic web pages and possesses vast development potential. Today PHP can be found as a processor with the latest web servers and also can be found as a standalone interpreter on the majority of operating systems or computing platforms.

Originally created in 1995, PHP has been in the process of continuous development. Reportedly PHP can be found in almost 8 million domains. The monthly growth rate is a staggering 15 %. This too has happened without any major publicity. This is definite proof of its excellence. It is basically a scripting language that is widely used in the creation of web pages that are efficient, interactive and functional. It includes with the core build free open source libraries. Approximately 42 % of the Apache Web servers, one of the most common servers, use PHP.

Constant innovations are being made as proved by the addition of the APC, an opcode cache that will be included in the latest PHP released.

AeeSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a team of extremely dedicated and skilled software developers to aid in the PHP development required or desired by the customer. The specific needs of the customer are never neglected. Instead they are given prime importance and are the guiding force for the team.

Our PHP programming and development services are available at rates that can only be considered as reasonable and hence highly affordable. Our team of programmers bring with them experience and knowledge in PHP development being skilled in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) and AJAX. Our service is both swift and effective. We strive towards the complete satisfaction of the client here at AeeSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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