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Web API Integration

API or the application programming interface is an interface that is used by a software program to help it to interact with another software program. The programs can thus through direct interaction can process various data exchange requests on the server. Employed for web development, API normally comprises of a collection of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages together with a definition of the response message’s structure. Practically the term Web API means the same as web service.

However, of late, the Web 2.0 is showing a movement away from the services that are based on SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol towards a style of communications such as the REST or Representational State Transfer which is more direct. Web APIs make it possible to combine many services into a new application. These are referred to as mashups. API provides a safe and efficient channel through which information can flow from one application to another. These two applications need not be directly connected to each other. Communication however is swift and direct.

AeeSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is capable of creating programs that directly interact and process data interchange requests on the server. There are various kinds of API integrations. Skype API Integration, Australia Post API integration, Parcel force API integration, MYOB API integration and Toll Ipec API integration are a few of them. Web API is essential if one desires to make one’s application or website effective and functional.

AeeSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers the service of its highly efficient and dedicated team of developers. The client’s demands and requirements guide the working of the team and these software developers constantly strive to bring satisfaction to their clientele. Moreover, the reasonable rates make the service quite affordable. Innovation and improvements are focused on constantly and the team tries its utmost to come up with the best possible result suited to the needs of the customer.

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