E-commerce can be commonly understood as a form of electronic business that comprises of purchasing and selling of systems or products through an electronic medium such as the Internet or computer networks. With the rise in the usage of the Internet, the popularity of e-commerce too has grown. The system is based on a wide range of innovative practices such as internet marketing, transfer of funds electronically, electronic data interchange, supply chain management, or online transaction processing.

The medium used generally is the World Wide Web and e-mail too is an important part of this system. There are in general two kinds of e-commerce that are practiced globally. The first is the transaction between two business companies. The second is the transaction between a company and the customer. There are ample examples found in both categories.

The websites are developed in a way that allows users to view the products with ease. The process of making purchases must be kept simple. The e-commerce shopping cart allows users to browse with ease and leaves space for making changes in the purchase. The user can also track the purchase made by him or her. The administrator on the other hand must have complete control over the appearance and functioning of the website at all times and can interact with the customer through e-mails.

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